ChatGPT – The Power of the Sun in the Palm of Your Hand

One of the most surprising experiences I have had in speaking to job seeker groups and individuals is realizing that less than 50% of those people have bothered to sign for a free account for ChatGPT.  Meanwhile, there is another 10% of the population who like Alfred Molina as Dr Octavius in Spiderman 2 sees generative AI (ChatGPT, Bard) as “the power of the sun in the palm of my hand”

The next major inequity to happen in the US does not involve race, gender or geography but instead is about who chooses to embrace generative AI vs those who think it is a cute thing their niece or nephew uses. 

When finding actual data about ChatGPT adoption, it is very hard to come by.  What we do know:

– (owner of ChatGPT) hit 1 million users after 5 days and 100 million users after 2 months (end of January 2023).
– While no updates on user count has been given since that date, has released traffic figures showing 1.6 billion global web visits in the month of June with an average of 4.26 pages per visit.
– According to the Pew Research Center in May, 58% of U.S. adults have heard something about ChatGPT. Of those, 18% have heard a lot, 39% have heard some, and 42% have heard nothing.
– 12.12% of visitors are from the US

In summary there are 3 kinds of people:

A – Individuals aware of AI but unfamiliar with tools like ChatGPT. 
B – Those who’ve dabbled in AI, perhaps to draft an essay for college or plan a vacation. 
C – Visionaries who have integrated AI deeply into their job search and industry research.

Why does this matter? It’s the Group C individuals who are setting the pace. Here’s why they lead:

1️⃣ Efficiency: AI streamlines tasks – from honing career goals, refining resumes, to crafting cover letters and interview preparation. They get more done faster!
2️⃣ Precision: AI assists in evaluating job fits more meticulously and expressing this alignment convincingly to prospective employers. They use their time more effectively.
3️⃣ Preparation: Being acquainted with industry-relevant AI tools sets you up for standout interviews.  They have a better chance of securing their next job.

I want to share a quick story: A peer recently recalled interviewing candidates for a marketing director role. Two of the top contenders were dismissed—one dubbed ChatGPT a passing trend; the other had never engaged with it. 

If you are asked this interview question “What is your experience with ChatGPT and how will you incorporate generative AI at our company?” how would you respond?

The upside? Adopting an AI-first mindset now can place you ahead in the coming months.

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