Making AI work for you

Demystifying AI for Real-World Success — in Careers, Organizations, and Beyond

“I help individuals and organizations leverage artificial intelligence to work smarter, faster, and effectively. My expertise is in generative AI and how it can transform workflows, processes, and decision-making.”


Ben offers AI consulting tailored to individuals, teams, and organizations seeking to unlock the power of artificial intelligence. His pragmatic approach guides you through hands-on AI integration, from identifying high-impact opportunities to enterprise-wide adoption.

He provides personalized coaching and training so you can work smarter with AI, plus playbooks, assessments, and roadmaps scaled to your needs. Tap into his expertise to future-proof your skills and processes – let’s put AI to work for measurable gains.

Speaking Engagements

Companies and Organizations

For companies and organizations, Ben provides customized talks on integrating AI for smarter workflows, efficiency and competitiveness.  He can tailor sessions to address practical AI adoption for teams and businesses based on specific goals and needs.


Ben offers on-site speaking engagements at universities tailored for students. Two of his modules cover AI strategies for career development designed to help soon to be graduates not only use AI to get their first job but to thrive at their job.  The other two address using AI for sororities and Fraternities to grow their communities.

Job Seekers & Networking Groups

Ben provides webinars for job seekers and networking groups on leveraging AI for career success. His presentations help audiences utilize tools like ChatGPT for career goals, resumes, and interviews.

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