About Ben

Ben Gold is an AI Consultant, thought leader, and speaker specializing in practical AI solutions for individuals and organizations. While most consultants stop at theory, Ben dives into actionable steps, working hands-on with clients to implement and optimize AI strategies. In many industry verticals and for many organization types, Ben brings a fresh, real-world approach to leveraging AI for everyday success.

After 20 years of working in technology and AI solutions, Ben recognized that generative AI is a transformative innovation. While exploring generative AI solutions such as ChatGPT after a career transition, the lightbulb went on – AI wasn’t just altering the job search process but every business and industry.

This inspired him to become an AI advisor, guiding organizations on practical adoption and hands-on implementation. His experience spans understanding client needs, training staff, optimizing processes, and developing AI pilot programs.

On the personal side, he resides in McKinney, Texas, a thriving community just north of Dallas, with his wife Maria and their children. Beyond his professional commitments, he has a global perspective shaped by a decade of professional experience in Europe, during which he learned to speak Romanian, Spanish, Italian, and German.

Ben holds a distinctive accolade from the early 1980s. He was recognized as the first video game world champion, a feat immortalized in a Life Magazine photo shoot in November 1982, and winning a competition filmed on the TV show ‘That’s Incredible’

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