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January 2023, marked a turning point in my life. I was let go from my Sales Engineering job, and I found myself jobless for the first time in a decade. Because I spent 20 years in the technology field, the last 5 of which were specifically focused on AI solutions, I was able to use my experience to explore a recent AI innovation, ChatGPT, as a tool for personalizing my job search.

That is the time when I recognized generative AI as a game changer on a global scale. I learned how to use ChatGPT to optimize my resume, understand compatibility with new opportunities, write cover letters and prepare for interviews. I noticed that there is a gap in knowledge in the job seeker market on how this technology will revolutionize the job market and career advancement.

Hence, in mid May, I came up with the idea of an integrated platform that combines the insights of AI Coaching and personalization with a user friendly interface –  I am humbled at the amazing team that has been formed in the last 3.5 months which has brought this concept from an idea to a working prototype.  I would like to thank my wife Maria (Daian) Gold who has constantly pushed me to adjust and innovate, regardless of the obstacles ahead.  Within a week of pitching the idea to my contacts Darren Warner and Mihaela Warner immediately saw the vision and jumped on board.  Darren has guided us on building of the infrastructure and Mihaela has executed the product design and creation.  Muhammad Manekia has done a fantastic job of coding and designing our prototype.

I also am very appreciative of our advisory board Dan SeylerJennifer Urbanski, and Georgiana Iancu (Man), that has helped steer us in making important decisions regarding branding, marketing, investor outreach and audience building.

I also decided to dive deeper into the job seeker world to understand first hand the issues that are commonly faced.  Based on the feedback I received, I realized there is a great need to help job seekers who don’t understand how AI is a critical wave changing the world.  Less than 50% of the people I have spoken with at jobseeker events utilize ChatGPT as a part of their strategy.  Therefore I wrote the book: “Find Your Next Job with ChatGPT, A Guide for Everyone” which is available on my website as an eBook and will be shortly published on Amazon.   

This is more than a list of ChatGPT prompts.  It is a guide to understand how to leverage AI at any point in your career search from determining career options to getting specific advice based on social media profiles of people you are meeting with for upcoming interviews and much more.

I am excited to share my ideas in the coming months to help guide job seekers who are hesitant to use AI to become AI masters and use an AI first strategy in their job search!

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