The Power of Podcasting: Amplifying Your Message!

Two years ago, while at a Dallas café, two colleagues introduced me to the world of podcasts. Intrigued, I dove in with Spotify and since then, I’ve expanded my horizons with content ranging from politics and history, to business and marketing.

As I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I pondered: Should I be a guest on other people’s podcasts, or perhaps even start my own? Inspired by a recent meetup, I explored Podmatch to find shows keen on my participation. Within two weeks, I’ve been on 10 different podcasts, and I’m genuinely captivated.  I would like to thank Larry Roberts who has shared a pathway for me to create my own show.

🎙️My Key Takeaways:

1️⃣ Each podcast has its unique perspective and appeals to their specific audience. The many perspectives have enriched my understanding as I see problems through a different lens.

2️⃣ Being a recurring guest hones your narrative and sharpens your delivery.

3️⃣ Though immediate visibility might be modest, podcasts can significantly bolster your content strategy.

Central to my discussions on the shows I appear on is the theme of:  “AI First Career Strategy.” I advocate dedicating a 60 minutes daily to grasp generative AI, stay updated with industry-specific AI tools, and ensure that AI advancements aren’t rendering one’s skills obsolete.

Of particular note is the upheaval in education. As educators grapple with integrating AI while curbing plagiarism, it’s the students who are most affected. For a deep dive into this issue, especially its impact on university students, catch my enlightening conversation with Michael Ayalon, M.S.P. 🎓.

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