An Amazing Week in AI

One of the biggest challenges today is how to stay ahead of the curve when there are so many groundbreaking announcements and apps being created and improved.  I personally subscribe to many AI newsletters, follow as many thought leaders as possible and reach out to many people on social media.

Highlights from my past week:

1️⃣ Through a chance discussion on LinkedIn, I learned of a meetup near Dallas promoting the January #podfest event.  Even though this was on a Sunday afternoon, I have to say it was the most intense and informative two hours I have had in a long time!  The discussion regarding how professional podcasters use AI for content creation, editing and promotion made my head spin.  The crowd in this room (Larry RobertsTonya GossagePatty FarmerSarah St John) were top notch and offered many insights.

One major takeaway is that Claude (LLM from Anthropic) can ingest entire books and offer summaries.  This is a major constraint from ChatGPT with some pretty strong token limitations which makes it difficult to get strong evaluations from large amounts of data.

2️⃣ On Monday, Amazon announced a $4 billion investment in Anthropic.  The race is on for LLM dominance in the generative AI field.  Expect to see new innovations that will cause the mind to be blown away – which leads me to the third topic.

3️⃣ ChatGPT announced that it can now respond with voice and can evaluate pictures.  While it shows some awesome use cases: repairing a broken bicycle from a picture or evaluating a picture of your pantry to create recipes, I have some concerns.  What happens when a stalker wants to use AI to take social media pictures from someone’s bedroom or bathroom to extrapolate invasive conclusions about their victim?  What happens when an LLM is created that doesn’t offer guardrails for ethical use of this information?

4️⃣ Finally – yesterday I made a joke to my daughter’s math tutor about how I am DadGPT.  Her response “what is GPT?”  I showed her for the first time the app and how it solves math problems instantly.  Her question “I am retiring in 3 years.  Will I make it to retirement?”

It is mind boggling to think of how innovation in AI is happening at breathtaking speed yet there is an entire segment of the population that is completely unaware.

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