ChatGPT, the Magic Mirror on the Wall

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the best applicant of them all?”

A silvery voice resonates, “While you are an 86% match with your skills for this position, you are lacking in these three areas: leadership experience, proficiency in data analytics, and adaptability in fast-paced environments.”

This isn’t a fairytale. Welcome to the era of ChatGPT – your personal feedback mechanism in the competitive job market.

Some applicants make the biggest mistake: they look at this process as a game of quantity, a matter of sending out as many resumes as possible and hoping for the best.

What if you could change the narrative? What if, instead of casting a wide net, you could target only those positions where we truly fit?

Feedback is the cornerstone of improvement. Honest, objective feedback is even more precious. ChatGPT offers just that. With an unbiased perspective, it assesses your skills, experience, and aspirations against the requirements of a role. No sugar-coating. No hollow reassurances. Just the unvarnished truth.

Why does this matter?

– Finite resources: Your time, effort, and energy are limited.
– Efficient channeling: Understanding your position allows for targeted and efficient job searches.
– Personal improvement: Recognizing your shortcomings enables focused skill development.
– Better alignment: It aids in identifying roles more in sync with your current skill set.

I have several students who were already 4-5 months into their job search without using AI.  When I evaluated their resume, career options and compatibility for jobs they were applying to, I discovered that their resume was not optimized, their message was not crisp and the companies they targeted were not ideal matches. 

Bottom Line:  Start with AI and save yourself 6-8 weeks in your job search process!

In a job market that’s more competitive than ever, the right feedback can be the difference between aimlessly wandering and walking a clear, defined path. So, before you press ‘submit’ on that next application, maybe it’s time to ask the magic mirror – or rather, ChatGPT – if it’s truly the right fit.

Because in the quest for the perfect job, it’s not about how many doors you knock on, but how many of those doors are the right ones for you.

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